Notice #35745

Programme and schedule issues

We've addressed an issue which meant that if your radio station uses an automation/playout system which requires us to regularly hit a URL you have provided us, in order for us to get 'now playing' information, it wasn't working as it should.

We've addressed an issue where the wrong image for a programme was appearing on the programmes index page. Thanks for bearing with us on that one. We're continuing to look over any remaining issues and we'll keep this page updated with our progress.

We're continuing to investigate these issues:
- wrong image appearing on programmes index page
- wrong programmes / order or programmes appearing on index page, but only in specific cases - this isn't affecting all customers
Thanks for your patience while we continue to tackle these outstanding bugs.

We've addressed an issue where in certain cases the programmes index page wasn't showing any programmes at all. This will have been the case if your website has the 'Locations' feature enabled, and your website had a default location selected, but no station associated with it. A complicated one, but we've got it under control. We're still working on other issues affecting the programmes index, stay tuned.

We've addressed an issue with RadioFeed, where it wasn't updating with new songs after the page had loaded. Sorry for that, it should be all fine from once you next refresh the page.

The issue we were experiencing with images of programmes from mirrored schedules not appearing has now been resolved. Thanks for bearing with us.

Since the introduction of our new Programme Information app yesterday, we're aware of a few outstanding issues that we're continuing to tackle. These include
- Images of programmes from mirrored schedules not appearing
- Programmes index pages not showing the correct programmes / in the right order
We're sorry for these problems but rest assured we're working hard on getting things in shape as soon as possible.

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Previous Incidents

[Complete] Rolling out new 'Programme Information' and 'Stations' apps

This was a planned incident, it took 44 minutes.
  • Aiir Platform
Tue, 17 Sep 2019
16:15:00 UTC

We're currently updating Aiir with the new versions of our On Air Staff and Schedules apps. There may be some issues accessing platform during this time.

  • Scheduled for Tue, 17 Sep 2019 16:10 UTC
  • Expected to take 50 minutes
17:00:03 UTC

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.

[Resolved] Problems reaching

This incident lasted 1 hour and 59 minutes.
  • Aiir Platform
Sat, 14 Sep 2019
14:18:04 UTC

Sorry, we're aware that our platform is intermittently unavailable today. We're looking into this.

14:38:00 UTC

The server on which our platform is hosted is unavailable, and we're having difficulties bringing it back online. We've reached out to our hosting supplier AWS with a critical request and we're awaiting their response.

14:49:05 UTC

Our platform is currently available again, although we're continuing to investigate the issues and potential problems that could still be occurring. We really appreciate your patience this weekend.

15:15:06 UTC

We have received reassurance from our hosting provider that the problem is now fully resolved. They have informed us that there was an issue on the underlying hardware on which our platform runs. Our platform has now moved to new healthy hardware. These problems are thankfully extremely rare, but can happen due to the nature of cloud computing. We're really sorry for the disruption to your day and appreciate your patience while we tracked this down.

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